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President's Message

Welcome to www.seafoodexim.com we really appreciate your visit to our website and hope you find it informative!

All of us at IFC FROZEN SEAFOODS are proud to be part of this very long established company which has been in the seafood business for over 24 years !

IFC FROZEN SEAFOODS continues to be a highly dynamic and vertically integrated company which saw the tremendous growth opportunities in the seafood business and thus frozen seafood soon became its core business and the main focus of its successive expansion.

IFC FROZEN SEAFOODS has steadily grown to become one of the industry leaders in sourcing and delivering the highest quality frozen seafood to major buyers worldwide.

IFC FROZEN SEAFOODS later added the International Trading Division to facilitate procurement of products from other countries for our world wide network

Our range of products from our diverse geographical locations ensures that our buyers can truly use us as a 'One Stop Shop', covering all their needs from multiple sources through a single, highly efficient, user friendly channel. Our offices across Asia together with our strong presence in other countries provides IFC FROZEN SEAFOODS the ability to present an unparalleled range of the freshest, highest quality food products anywhere, covering hundreds of different frozen seafood items.

But most importantly, we believe in listening very carefully to what our customers are asking for. And ultimately, we know that every improvement we make to our business will be a direct benefit to you.

Always with an eye towards continued expansion to meet the future challenges of our industry, IFC FROZEN SEAFOODS looks forward to provide our customers with an unmatched level of quality and service

You visit to our website is important to us at IFC FROZEN SEAFOODS and we really appreciate your time at www.seafoodexim.com

Thank you.