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Company Profile

"I F C" is a prodigy which commenced a decade ago. A very small start with only one single office, this company instigated. Now it has become the most trusted and one of the most reliable name in terms of both service as well as quality. It is known throughout the world for its radical performance and its unmatched success.

Over the years "IFC" has attained global relations and regular supply of prestigious buyers from all over the world.

We continue offering our customers the highest quality Seafoods and all this with the standard price,
subject to the Market and Trends.

IFC Frozen Seafoods is a frozen seafood supplier and a full-service provider with customers throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and USA. We are qualified to supply a wide range of seafoods.

IFC Frozen Seafoods is committed to satisfy the needs of international business through inclusive market information, competitive prices, total quality control, reliability, on-time delivery, real time online conversation through skype, we chat, viber etc . IFC Frozen Seafoods is also always innovating by developing and expanding its product range.

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